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[Beginner's Guide] Welcome to the forum!

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[Beginner's Guide] Welcome to the forum!

Post by 、dクT on Sat Nov 10, 2012 10:21 am

BAHAHAHAHA I like this scroll function, I'm going to have annoying scrolls on all of my new threads now.
Hello, here is the general moderator bidding everyone a warm welcome to this site.
Now if you haven't signed up to become a member of this beautiful TinierMe Forum...


okay just kidding, no one can force you to join us, but you'd just feel a whole lot less awesome if you don't.

But if you plan on following this forum, I would really encourage signing up, since non-members can't post replies nor start topics.
unless you plan on just creeping on the sideline over there which by the way I'm perfectly fine with-

If you tried signing up but cannot: please contact one of the mods or S o n a t a through either TinierMe(before Dec. 10th) or our primary linked websites.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Now if you are already a member.

I need you to do something real quick before you go and post ANYWHERE ELSE.

Introduce Yourself First.

Now our community is born and raised to welcome every single one of you so don't be shy, because shyness will only make us want to shine the spotlight right on your blushy shy face. *instantly removed mod status for scaring people*

*clears throat* Well after we all know who you are/were, and said our greetings and done with the formalities.

we can move onto the more exciting part:

GROPING- I mean... ADDING each other as FRIENDS.

Oh yes, we have the wonderful friend function on our forum.

Now the two common questions are:

How do I add someone as a friend?
How do I accept/reject(don't know why you'd reject but-) friend requests?

well it'd be just simply depressing if you found your good ol' pal or mr./ms. Awesome and cannot friend him/her.


Here is a quick guide to adding/accepting friends:

Warning This Guide Contains Derp Language and Minor (?)Congee Obsession:

Here's some things to do if you are lost at where to go next:
Chat with members in the Forum Chatbox!
Play Forum Games!
Join Groups!
Please feel free to go through every corner of our forum, you'd find people/things you didn't expect.

If you have any questions concerning other functions of this forum be sure to check these first:
Frequently Asked Questions
[F.A.Q.] How Does Coding Work!?
Forum Functions FAQ

You can always ask anyone of the mods here if you have questions, we're more than glad to help to the best of our ability.

Have fun here everyone!!!

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